Frquently Asked Questions

Q. Are you providing vehicle upholstery service as well?

A. Yes, we are providing upholstery & custom interior designing services also.

Q. What is your shop location?

A. Our shop location is 5932 Buford hwy Norcorss GA 30071, United States.

Q. Can I book my appointment online?

A. Yes, follow this link and book your appointment online with minimum deposit of $25 USD: Book Appointment Payment

Q. Shipping time for custom seat covers?

A. For custom seat covers it will take 2-3 weeks because we manufacture according to your vehicle parameters.

Q. Difference between Seat Covers & Leather Upholstery Kits?

A. Seat covers are removable fabric or synthetic covers that are placed over the original seats in a vehicle to protect them from wear and tear or to provide a new look. They are generally cheaper than leather upholstery kits and can be easily installed or removed.

Leather upholstery kits, on the other hand, involve replacing the existing seats with new seats that are covered with high-quality leather. This can significantly increase the cost of the project, but it provides a more luxurious and custom look to the interior of the vehicle. Leather upholstery also tends to be more durable and longer-lasting than fabric or synthetic seat covers.

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